How To Use Profit Platform Features

Website Setup

Instructions and considerations for creating a new website on Profit Platform.

Theme Setup

Manage the general ‘look and feel' of your website by configuring the theme settings:

Create a Squeeze Page with Beaver Builder

In this section you'll learn how to create a squeeze page on your Profit Platform site so that it's connected with your Profit Platform Email Marketing Suite. Using Beaver Builder, it's easy to set up and a great first step to building a contact list.

For other specific details on Beaver Builder features and many other tools in your site, check out the How-to Manual.

Customize the Header and Footer with Beaver Builder

How-to Manual In Your Dashboard

Your Profit Platform site has lots of powerful capabilities, from WordPress' editor features to WooCommerce, to the custom page builder tool, Beaver Builder. In this section we'll do a quick overview of the built-in how-to manual you can access from right inside your WordPress dashboard so you can learn about specific tools while you're working.

The How-To lessons on this page show you how to accomplish larger common tasks, such as creating a Squeeze Page (above) using Beaver Builder. The Manual section of your website dashboard is the first place we look to learn about specific features of tools like Beaver Builder.

Set Up Training Courses For Your Website Members

Learn how to set up and use the learning management system (LMS) on your Profit Platform site.

Email Marketing Suite

How to access, configure, and use your email marketing suite to create email broadcasts and automated email sequences (autoresponders) for your subscribers.

Set Up Your Web Store's Payment Processor

Your Profit Platform site may have a shop set up where you can sell various products. In this section you'll learn how to set up the payment processor to accept online credit card payments.

Add a Facebook Pixel to Your Site

Once you have traffic running to your website, there is a simple, but powerful step to help Facebook optimize and send better and better (cheaper!) traffic to your website:

Configure Your On-Board Affiliate System

Your Profit Platform site may have an affiliate system built right in. Here's how to configure it to help promote your products:

Bulk Domain Research

Profit Platform users have access to a special bulk domain lookup tool that will help in brainstorming new domain names:
Click to access the Bulk Domain Lookup Tool