Profit Platform – Your On-Board Affiliate System

Your Profit Platform site may have a fully-featured affiliate system built-in. This allows you to automatically track and credit sales generated by affiliates you authorize to promote your products!

Here are some short videos to guide you through setting up the affiliate system for your own business.

Some levels of Profit Platform do not have the affiliate tool activated by default. Some levels of Profit Platform require certain prerequisites before you can have the affiliate tool added to a site. If you do not see the affiliate tool, AffiliateWP in your dashboard side menu, please contact support to learn how to get it added. Email support at [email protected]

Overview of the Built-in Manual

Here's a brief video overview of the affiliate system:


Once you have affiliates signed up and approved to run your offers, you can view their status and manage affiliates from the affiliates menu.
Important: To use this menu or to make proper use of the affiliate system in the first place, you'll need at least one product you're prepared to offer for affiliates to promote in return for commission.

General Settings

The affiliate system has several important global settings you'll want to get right from the start. In this video we look at where to find those and which ones are most important.

Email Settings

They affiliate system can send email notifications, so there are a few settings to configure how those emails look and how they're sent:

Miscellaneous Settings

The miscellaneous settings include a few important controls you should be aware of:

Recurring Referrals & Custom Slugs

Your affiliate platform has two valuable extensions useful in specific circumstances.
Recurring Referrals makes it possible to pay affiliates recurring commission each month for the recurring, membership-style products they promote for you. This means your affiliates can get paid for monthly memberships as well as for just a one-time sale of a product.
Custom Slugs lets you and your affiliates create sensible, tidy affiliate links instead of affiliate URLs that look like a jumbled mess of characters.

Product Settings

The affiliate platform adds affiliate settings to every product in your WooCommerce shop. Make sure you understand how to handle these settings and how to turn them off for certain products.

Affiliate Page

Your affiliates can see and track data for the sales they've promoted, commission they've generated, etc. It's good practice to communicate with your affiliates so they understand what to expect, and the affiliate page is one great way to do so.