Training Courses – How to Duplicate Lessons

Duplicate with Care

Your Profit Platform sites include a ‘duplicate' feature that lets you duplicate posts, pages and other items, including lessons and courses. This can be a great way to speed up progress once you have settings exactly how you like them, but like all powerful tools, duplicate must be used carefully!

Duplication is helpful if several of your lessons will have similar specialized formatting or other characteristics ion common.

One handy way to use duplicate to speed up lesson creation is to build out the first lesson in a multi-lesson module and then duplicate that as a template for further lessons. The duplicated lessons will all be set to the same course and module, so you can save a few minutes instead of having to set those manually again for each new lesson. Naturally, the benefits diminish if the goal is to create another lesson that bears little resemblance to the initial one, or which is not in the same course and module.

Use caution when duplicating courses, though. If you are duplicating a complex course and you choose the option to duplicate it including all its lessons that will take lots of time and resources compared to duplicating a simple lesson.

Remember that each element you duplicate will be labeled “(duplicate)” and will also be set in draft mode, so it won't be visible to users until you edit it with your content and to give it a new unique lesson title.

That wraps up the basic details you'll need to know to get training courses up and running on your Profit Platform site!