Profit Platform – Create a Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a webpage designed to collect contact details from visitors, usually name and email, and to send those details to an email list. In this example, Bill McIntosh shows how to use your Profit Platform website features to link a contact form directly with your Email Marketing Suite:

Prepare an Email List for Your Squeeze Page

The first step is to ensure you have a list ready in your Email Marketing Suite to receive contact details. While in the Suite, Bill will show you where to find the key code that you'll later use to connect this list with your site:

Building the Squeeze Page

In this segment, Bill will show you how to build the simple squeeze page and how to use the key from the first segment to establish that connection. In this way you can build a list by sending people to your squeeze page:

Build a Thank You Page

A great way to enhance your squeeze page is to set up a separate thank you page so that anyone who completes the subscription form on the squeeze page is sent to get a message and perhaps download instructions for some file you want to give away. Teasing users with the giveaway is a powerful way to increase your squeeze page conversion rates: