Training Courses – Modules & Lessons


Modules in a course are like chapters in a book. They provide a way to logically collect similar content. They're easy to create and use, but you'll need to assign modules to the courses they belong to and you'll also have to assign your lessons to the modules they belong to.

Like lessons and courses, the system sorts modules by the date and time the were created. If you wish a different order, simply use the “Order Modules” menu to drag them into a different order.


Lessons are the most basic structure in your learning management system. They are the elements that contain the training content you'll add. A lesson can be a ‘video lesson' if you opt to put a video link in the “video embed” section of the lesson information section. Otherwise, lessons will be considered standard ‘text' lessons, but it is a minor distinction. It's fine to embed one or more videos in the body of a standard lesson.

If you set an estimated time that a lesson likely will take to complete, that time will be added to the overall time for the course.

Next, we'll look at how to add quizzes to your lessons, as well as why you might want to do so.