Email Marketing – Create a Contact List

One of the first important thing you'll want to do with your email marketing suite is to make a contact list. In fact, you'll create many lists as you gather more and more contacts. Placing contacts on lists is one common way of sorting them. Fortunately, making a list couldn't be easier!

Remember that you can always add one of your own emails to a list. This is helpful to show you what your emails and other processes look like to the user.

The preferred way to add the majority of contacts to your lists is by web subscription form or by Facebook surveys, Givebot, or similar automated tools. Occasionally, you might want to add a new contact manually, and for that, you can just user the “Add a Contact” button.

Editing an existing contact couldn't be easier: just click the contact's email address to open their contact details and edit their details, including which lists the contact is on.