Email Marketing – Accessing Your Email Marketing Suite

Your Profit Platform site comes with a fully-featured email marketing suite. This tool lets you build and maintain an unlimited list of marketing contacts. It includes tools to do broadcast emails to an entire list or subset of your subscribers. The email marketing suite also includes an automation section to send emails to every user who qualifies by taking certain actions. At its simplest, it can operate as an autoresponder, sending a sequence of emails over time when a new contact subscribes to a list.

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to complete a form to request the setup of your email marketing suite account. Our team needs a few details to ensure your suite is configured properly for you.

If your suite configuration is complete then you can reach it by logging in to your Profit Platform account and clicking the email marketing suite menu link.

In the following lessons, we'll go over the various settings and tasks you'll want to tackle to market to build contact lists and market your list subscribers.

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